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    Our Journey So far

    How To Start A Tshirt Company

    This is a question hurdled in the mind of many entrepreneurs who want to start a tshirt company. Let’s accept the fact that t-shirts have become the voice of the youth, which are loud and clear in expressing their thoughts.

    Sitcoms like Big Bang Theory, How I met your Mother, Friends, breaking bad, good wife, Suits, Boston Legal, Two Broke Girls, Kardashian sisters and etc, have an undeniable impact on our lives for over a decade now and we can see that many t-shirt companies have also capitalized on this fact and printed famous one liners such as ‘Bazinga’, ‘I am not crazy, my mother had me tested’, ‘When I am Sad, I stop being Sad and be Awesome instead’ from these sitcoms on their t-shirts, which are now selling like hot cakes. This only establishes the fact that it is very important to have a target audience before conceptualizing your t-shirts.

    Therefore the first and foremost rule for any start-up company including a t-shirt start-up company, is that the target audience has to be understood by the promoters or the entrepreneurs.

    Once we have an understanding of the target audience, it is very important to understand the costs involved in setting up the backend of the company which includes your t-shirt supplier, printers, packaging material suppliers, logistics and most important your designers. The costs have to be kept in check and every expense has to be noted, so that the breakeven point of the company can be efficiently determined.